Asparagus for our amazing health care workers

Asparagus is a Flemish delicacy, but Flemish asparagus farmers are battling on several fronts this year.  There are no seasonal workers to pluck the succulent vegetable out of the Flemish soil.  Moreover, all the restaurants are closed, so growers have a hard time finding sufficient custom.

Asparagus farmer Luk Lavrijsen from Herk-de-Stad (Limburg) decided to make a virtue out of necessity and honour Flanders’ amazing health workers with the gift of asparagus.  In all 4,000 packs each containing a half a kilo of the home-grown vegetable were handed out to key workers at two Leuven hospital and no fewer than eleven care homes.

“Harvesting the asparagus has been back-breaking work for us, but as nothing compared to the awesome work of our care workers.  They deserve a present!” said Luk.

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