Xinhua/Photoshot. All rights reserved.

Don’t forget your mouth mask for Eurostar and Thalys trips

Starting Monday 4 May mouth masks become obligatory on public transport and in stations in Belgium.  Both Eurostar and Thalys have decided that mouth masks will then become mandatory.

Eurostar is offering a reduced service due to slack demand and heightened border checks against the backdrop of the corona emergency, but if you are travelling to London, Brussels or Lille a mouth mask will be obligatory. Forget your mouth mask and you could be put off the train or fined by the Belgian or French authorities.  Mouth masks on public transport become compulsory in France on 11 May.

There’s currently no catering on board Eurostars and people needing assistance to travel can’t get any either.

The Thalys that connects Brussels with Paris too is making mouth masks compulsory from Monday in order to comply with Belgian rules and regs.  Self-made, surgical and respiratory masks are all permitted.  The measures applies to the entire network that connects France, the Netherlands and Germany via the Kingdom of Belgium.

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