Monday is return to work for many employees

The Flemish employers’ organisation Voka estimates that starting Monday at least 75,000 people will return to work as there is a gradual return to work for business.

A large number of companies are ready to resume or expand activities tomorrow.  Many factories never shut down completely. The number of people at work on the factory floor is set to increase gradually.

Voka says that 750,000 people could resume their activities on Monday, but the actual figure is expected to be around 10% of this: 75,000. 

Voka economist Bart Van Craeynest points to cuts in orders and uncertain demand: “Companies we contacted say that the restart will go step by step and businesses will rebuild their activities gradually.”  

A million people are currently on unemployment benefit in Belgium.

Under the government’s phased exit strategy non-essential businesses may restart on Monday.  Belgian labour minister Muylle says an awful of work has been done to allow a safe restart: “If your company is restarting tomorrow, then you are expected at work.  If things are not in order, then that must be reported!”

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