What changes on 4 May?

Starting Monday 4 May non-essential businesses may restart their activities, if they work for other businesses and not for the public at large.  Direct contact between customers and suppliers should be avoided.  Staff are supposed to work from home, unless this isn’t possible.  In such cases social distancing must be observed.  If staff can’t keep a distance of 1.5m mouth masks must be worn.

Shops selling materials that can be used to make mouth masks may reopen.

Public transport resumes its normal timetable.  Train carriages will be disinfected twice a day and trains will have as many carriages as possible.  Mouth masks are mandatory from the minute you enter the station for over 11s.  Use private transport if possible.  If not, avoid the rush hour.

There are changes for crèches and childminders too.  If one of the parents of a baby or toddler works outside the home, then the child is welcome at crèches and childminders. Vulnerable children and children of single parents, even those working from home, are welcome too.

Outdoor sports are permitted with members of your household plus up to two friends – always the same ones, so choose your friends carefully! Social distancing measures (1.5m!) must be observed. Don’t forget you may pick up your own tennis ball, but not your friend’s!

The use of the car to get to a sports field is permitted for short journeys.

Hospitals too are resuming non-urgent appointments, though safety measures need to be observed.

Good luck!

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