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59 new hospital admissions, 80 COVID-19 deaths

At press conference held on Monday morning the National Crisis Centre released the latest figures on the COVID-19 pandemic here in Belgium. 

·        During the past 24 hours 59 new COVID-19 patients were admitted to hospital. 69 patients that had been treated in hospitals for the virus were discharged. This brings the total number of patients receiving treatment for COVID-19 in Belgian hospitals to 3,044.

·        Of these 655 are being treated on intensive care wards, this is down 19 on the figures released on Sunday.

·        A further 80 people have died of COVID-19. 41 of these died in hospital, 39 passed away in care homes. This brings the total number of people that have died of COVID-19 in Belgium to 7,924.

·        361 new novel coronavirus infections have been recorded during the past 24 hours. This brings the total number of infections recorded in Belgium so far to 50,267.

Speaking at Monday morning’s press conference the virologist Steven Van Gucht said "We have been under 100 hospitalisations for two days no wand that is very good news. The trend is very positive”.

However, Professor Van Gucht warned that the fall in the number of recorded deaths could be as a result of the so-called “weekend effect” that delays data being passed on to the Crisis Centre.

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