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5th year pupils to get measles, mumps and rubella jab at school

Soon pupils in the 5th year of primary school will have to return to school for one day at least in order to be vaccinated against measles, German measles and mumps. As part of the first stage of the return to school it had been announced that only pupils in the final years of primary and secondary education and the first two years of primary education would start to return to school in two weeks’ time.

However, with important vaccinations due before the end of the school year, pupils in the 5th year of primary education will now be obliged to attend school for at least one day in order to get their jabs. The news first appeared in the daily ‘De Standaard’ and has since been confirmed by VRT sources.

Other inoculations can be postponed until next school year. However, measles, mumps and rubella can’t wait. Each school will decide autonomously when its pupils will be vaccinated. 

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