Almost 90% fewer flights to and from Zaventem during April

According to figures released on Monday, there were just 2,358 flights to and from Brussels Airport at Zaventem in Flemish Brabant during April. This is an average of around 79 each day and is just 12% of the number of flights to and from the airport during April 2019. Then there were 19,710 flights or 657 flights/day. The figures come from the website that is run by the airport and the Belgian air traffic control company Skeyes. 

April is the first month in which the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on aviation became fully apparent. Passenger traffic in Europe has all but imploded.

Although the pandemic took hold here in March the number of flights then was “only” down 40% compared with March last year. In April passenger traffic was all but decimated.

The lion’s share of traffic (between 50 and 60 flight movements/day) during April was made up of cargo planes, the airport’s Spokeswoman Isane Chioua Lekhli told VRT News. Meanwhile, the number of passenger flights was down to between 10 and 20/day.

The airport says that there are currently 10 airlines that are still offering (limited) passengers services to and from Zaventem. Occasional repatriation flights are also included in the figures. 

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