Basic reproduction number of novel coronavirus in Belgium falls to 0.6

The basic reproduction number of the novel coronavirus in Belgium (R0) has fallen to 0.6. The basic reproduction number is the ratio at which an infected person infects others. A R0 figure of 0.6 means that currently each person that is infected with the novel coronavirus infects 0.6 other people of every 10 infected people infect a further 6. 

At the start of the epidemic in Belgium the basic reproduction number for the novel corona virus was between 2 and 3. Early last week it was 0.8.

However, at Monday morning’s National Crisis Centre press conference it was announced that this had now fallen to 0.6. Professor Steven Van Gucht (photo above) told the press conference that “This is good news because it shows that the epidemic is slowing still further”.

Professor Van Gucht went on to stress the importance of the RO number remaining under 1 in the future because “From the moment that it is above 1 the epidemic is once again gaining strength”. 

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