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Brussels municipality makes mouth masks mandatory on some of its streets

The Mayor of the Brussels municipality of Etterbeek Vincent De Wolf (Francophone liberal, photo above right) has announced that the wearing of mouth masks is to be mandatory on some of Etterbeek’s streets. Adjacent to Brussels’ European District and the campuses of the universities VUB and ULB, Etterbeek also has a thriving commercial area around De Jacht/La Chasse. 

Some of its streets can often be busy not only with traffic but also with pedestrians going about their daily business. Furthermore, the pavements in some streets are quite narrow, making social distancing of 1.5 metre impossible to achieve.


Consequently, the Mayor has decided to make the wearing of mouth masks mandatory on some streets such as the shopping streets Tongerenstraat (near to Merode metro station) and Waverse Steenweg.


With the shops due to reopen from next Monday, the new rule on mouth masks in Etterbeek will come into force from then. It shouldn’t be too much of an issue for those of us that use public transport though as since today all those using trains, busses, trams and metro have had to wear them while travelling as well as while waiting at the station or tram/bus stop.


Mr De Wolf says that a number of university professors had asked him to make mouth masks mandatory in streets with narrow footpaths. Council officials will tour Etterbeek this week advising people that the wearing of masks in shopping streets will be mandatory from next Monday.


However, VRT Radio 2 Flemish Brabant and Brussels has learned from a reliable source that not everyone in the municipal cabinet agrees with the measure that is being taken by the Mayor. 

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