MIVB: “Most passengers are wearing masks”

Since the start of services on Monday morning passengers using public transport in Belgium have been obliged to cover their mouths and noises with a mouth mask or if they don’t have one a scarf or a bandana. The rule applies to everyone with the exception of children under the age of 12. 

The Brussels public transport company MIVB says that on its network the new rule is being followed to the letter by the lion’s share of those using bus tram and metro services. The company’s own security staff and officers from Brussels’ local police services have carried out check both on board buses, trams and underground trains and at bus/trams stops and metro stations to ensure that the rule is adhered to.

One such spot check was carried out at the Kunst-Wet metro station on Monday morning. Kunst-Wet is one of just 3 stations on the Brussels  metro network that is served by all 4 metro lines and is also one of the capital’s busiest metro stations. Only a handful of passengers were caught not having covered their mouth and nose. Security staff escorted them to the station exit.

MIVB’s Spokeswoman An Van Hamme told VRT News that "Checks can also be carried out based on information gathered from CCTV or at the request of a driver. In the first instance we will seek to inform passengers of their obligations, but we can also issue fines of 250 euro. However, we have the impression that the vast majority of our passengers have mouth masks”. 

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