First food bank for animals in Ghent

The corona emergency is eating into many people’s budgets.  Many pet owners too have been struggling to make ends meet.  To help out in Ghent the opening of the first food bank especially for animals has een brought forward.

People in financial straits and unable to pay for food for their pets can now count on a first food bank for animals in Ghent.  We are all familiar with food banks for people, but in Ghent they have now gone one step further. The food bank is an initiative of the not-for-profit organisation Hugs with Tails.

The food bank will open on Saturday.  “We noticed there was great need” says Mieke Van Camp of Hugs with Tails. “Consequently we decided not to wait any longer. I expect a lot of people will call on the food bank.  You could call it a success, but it’s not the word I would use.  There’s no need to cheer when so many people are in need of initiatives like this.  It’s on Facebook that I see how some people are really struggling.  Of course, people first buy food for their kids and themselves, before they fork out on food for their pets.  I’m so happy we can help.”

A similar initiative already exists in Antwerp and the Ghent food bank follows their example.

“We discovered there was nothing of its kind in Ghent.  It’s crazy.  Ghent is a large city with people in all kinds of income brackets.  We’ve received donations from food manufacturers and pet shops, but more food is always welcome.  People who can help are welcome to contact us” says Mieke.

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