Coronavirus in Prince Laurent’s close family

Coronavirus has been diagnosed among one of the members of Prince Laurent’s immediate family.  Price Laurent, King Filip’s younger brother, has the reputation of being the enfant terrible of the Belgian royal family.  He has had pneumonia in the past and has been identified as a person at risk.

The prince is somewhat surprised the infection has occurred.  The family hardly goes out, only for sports activities and with gloves and mouth masks on.  The prince’s children study at home via online learning.

A couple of years ago the prince had to be hospitalised with a serious case of pneumonia.

Prince Laurent: “I’m a person at risk.  The virus prefers to visit me than somebody else.”

“I would like everybody to learn more about viruses, so they know how dangerous they are and so they know what they should do without being told.”

“Nature has often told us to stop.  We don’t listen.  We should modify our behaviour.” 

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