How do I know I’m speaking with a genuine contact tracer and not a fraudster?

Starting Monday 11 May you could get a call or text from one of the contact tracers collecting information from corona positive patients and tracking down contacts of people who are corona positive.  But how do you know you’re speaking with a real contact tracer and not a fraudster?

Joris Moonens of the Care and Health Agency says that all calls made by contact tracers in Flanders will be made using the same line: 02 214 19 19.  If you get a call from a contact tracer, check that he or she is calling from this number.  Text messages are possible too.  These should come from 8811 to be genuine.

Why not add both numbers to your contacts in your smartphone now, so you recognise the number if you are called?

People, who test positive for corona virus, will also get a call from the call centre.  The person on the other end of the line will be aware of your name, phone number and date of birth, information provided by your GP.

Contact tracers will never request financial information or information about when you are and are not at home.  If you feel the questions are a bit strange and you don’t recognise the number, the advice is to hang up!

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