Queen Mathilde at the supermarket

Mathilde, Queen of Belgians, has visited a supermarket to show her support for shop workers.

The queen opted for a Carrefour Market in Gerpinnes (Hainault Province) where she quizzed shop workers on the impact coronavirus is having on their daily lives.

Queen Mathilde, King Filip’s wife, seized the opportunity to thank shop workers for their courage and commitment.  The queen also spoke with several shoppers.

Later the queen met several department chiefs to learn more about the impact of coronavirus on their daily life, work and family.  “The first two weeks were pretty complicated.  People didn’t always comply with the safety rules.  Today it’s a lot better” one manager noted.

An hour later Queen Mathilde was on her way back to Laken Castle, the royal couple’s primary domicile in Brussels, bearing a selection of gifts that she had received: strawberries, regional goodies and fine wines.

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