76-year-old cashier Christiane is a star

Shop workers in supermarkets are some of the unexpected heroes of the corona emergency, but the valour of Christiane from Aalst takes the cake.  Christiane is 76 and was determined to continue working at the check-out despite the emergency.

You’ll usually find Christiane Goossens at the check-out in the Carrefour supermarket in Aalst (East Flanders) even in these corona days.  Christiane’s boss asked her if she wanted to continue working as she was a person at risk, but she told him in no uncertain terms that she had no wish to stop whatsoever.

Seniors are advised to shield themselves and stay indoors, but every day of the working week Christiane dons her cashier’s uniform to go to work at her supermarket.  “The only difference is I wear a mask” she told VRT.

“I’ve always been somebody who liked to be among people and as long as my health permits I will continue.”

Christiane started working as a cashier 56 years ago.  “I’ve always liked this job.  I do it with the same enthusiasm as the day I started.  That’s why I want to stay on at work.  I’m no fan of these corona restrictions, having to sit at home, not being allowed to do this and that.  It’s no fun!”

“When my boss asked me if I wanted to stop I realised the thought had never crossed my mind.  I wear a mask and disinfect everything.  I’ll never stop working despite the risk of falling ill.  Things like that can happen very quickly.”

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