Flemish company markets product that removes viruses from fabrics

A Flemish company in Ronse has developed a product that removes viruses from textiles.  The product is either sprayed onto the fabric or added during production.  It removes nearly 100% of all virus particles within two hours and continues to work for up to six months.

Devan Chemicals of Ronse (East Flanders) experimented with antivirals on textiles during the SARS and MERS outbreaks up to two decades ago.

A spokesman for the company says that at the time nobody was interested, but enquiries came from at home and abroad when the corona pandemic started.

“If you spray the product onto fabric nearly 100% of virus particles disappear within two hours” says Sven Ghyselinck.  “Don’t do anything and only 50% of virus particles disappear within 4 hours.  If somebody sneezes or coughs on the fabric, it is quickly disinfected, if you use our product.”

The length of time the product offers protection depends on the fabric. It will remain active for longer on fabrics that are rarely touched than on e.g. mattresses used by several people.

Sven Ghyselinck: “We are receiving new enquiries from all over the world practically every day. We’ve sent a lot of supplies to Spain, France and Italy.  We’ve supplied people in the US too and there is an order ready to be delivered to China.” 

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