No more separate checks on non-essential journeys

Starting Monday shops selling non-essential goods and services reopen and starting Sunday you are allowed to host visits by four designated visitors at your home.  The relaxation has implications for policing and a spokesman for Belgium’s local police services has indicated that local police with no longer carry out specific checks designated solely to make sure your journey is essential.

“We’re changing our approach” says Nico Paelinck. “In future checks on corona measures will form part of routine police checks. When we carry out checks on drink-driving we will also check whether the people in the vehicle should be there.  Stringent checks as in recent weeks will no longer be carried out.  It’s not possible and it’s no longer the intention.”

“The aim isn’t to check the whole of society.  We’re counting on people’s common sense.  We’re in the next phase.  Police will focus on making sure the ban on gatherings is observed.  We will check the wearing of masks on public transport and make sure the reopening of stores happens as it should and keep an eye on trips to sports clubs. We can easily pick out day trippers.  As far as our borders are concerned we are consulting with our colleagues in France and the Netherlands.”   

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