Police union warns youth gangs in Brussels represent powder keg

Police union spokesman Vincent Houssin has warned of a specific problem with regard to youth gangs in Brussels.  The gangs turn on the police, but the police have been instructed not to intervene.  Mr Houssin of the liberal union VSOA says that some local authorities choosing the side of youth gangs is a far bigger problem than violations of the corona ban on gatherings in the street and at home.

“There have been riots in Brussels for a while now.  They are brushed under the carpet.  The Ramadan is used as an excuse not to act against gatherings.  Most Muslims follow the rules, but youth gangs are now trying to seize power in the streets.”

“Some of our checks are stopped by local politicians.  Some left wing councils are sending out the wrong message.  Youth gangs are a big problem in Brussels that will lead to excesses if the problem’s not addressed.”

Starting Mothering Sunday people are allowed to host visits from four people, though it’s always the same persons who must visit a particular home.

Vincent Houssin: “It won’t be possible to check everything.  We won’t be looking in people’s homes or over the hedge.  We will of course investigate any complaints about parties with more people present.”

The police trades unionist acknowledges that some police zones will be stricter than others: “In border areas many police officers will be deployed on border crossings.  Checks will be carried out on big businesses and main traffic arteries.  A lot of staff will be needed to do this.  Trips to the coast remain banned and we’ll keep an eye on that.”

Mr Houssin doesn’t expect problems when the shops reopen: “I have 99% confidence in people’s common sense.  But the minority that tries to get away with their own interpretation of the rules needs to be tackled.”

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