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Tourism minister in crunch talks on holiday homes

The Flemish tourism minister is meeting with the burgomasters of the Flemish seaside resorts on Monday.  Ms Demir (nationalist) is drafting an overarching tourism plan to cope with the corona emergency and its ramifications, but visits to holiday homes will also feature on the agenda.

Zuhal Demir has so far shied away from commenting on calls from mayors from several seaside resorts to allow the proprietors of holiday homes on the Flemish Riviera to visit as early as 18 May.  The date had initially been put on the table in the security council’s exit strategy plan, but was taken off it yesterday together with permission to allow day trips to the seaside.

Daytrips and visits to holiday homes are now scheduled to resume on 8 June at the earliest.

Earlier this week Ostend mayor Bart Tommelein (Flemish liberal), who backs visits to holiday homes from 18 May, gave a first indication of measures that would have to be taken in Flanders’ leading seaside resort as corona measures are relaxed and tourism rebounds.  After the security council’s decision he made it clear local police would be pretty powerless to stop people visiting holiday homes.

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