76 new COVID-19 deaths, a further fall in patient numbers

The latest figures on the COVID-19 epidemic in Belgium have been released by the Agency for Health Sciensano. 

·        Over the past 24 hours a further 76 deaths from COVID-19 have been reported. Of these 37 people died in hospital and 39 people died in a care home. This brings the total number of deaths from COVID-19 in Belgium so far to 8,581.

·        A further 585 people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus during the past day. This brings the total number of confirmed infections so far to 52,596. Of those that tested positive on Friday 407 were in Flanders. 232 of the people found to be infected were in care homes.

·        During the past 24 hours 76 were admitted to hospital with COVID-19. 210 patients were allowed to leave hospital. This brings the total number of patients receiving hospital treatment for COVID-19 to 2,381, 174 down on yesterday. Since mid-March a total of 13,411 people have been discharged from Belgian hospitals after having received treatment for COVID-19.

·        There are currently 502 patients receiving treatment on intensive care wards. This is 6 fewer that was the case yesterday. Of these 328 people are on ventilators, 11 fewer than the figure given at Friday’s press conference.  

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