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Cyclist dies after falling into Albert Canal

The remains of a man have been found in the Albert Canal in the Limburg municipality of Riemst. The man’s body was found on Saturday afternoon. The man was a cyclist that fell into the water and probably drowned. Fire Service divers went to the scene to recover the man’s body from the water. His bike was also recovered from the water.  An investigation has been launched to find out the exact circumstances that led to the man’s death. 

The racing bike that was recovered from the canal was not damaged. This leads those investigating the death to believe that the man wasn’t involved in a collision before he ended up in the canal.

An initial autopsy found nothing abnormal on the man’s body. He only had a few grazes on his legs. One possibility being considered is that he became unwell before he fell into the water. The man had no identity documents on him. He is believed to e around 70 years old.

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