Sint-Trudo Hospital is already anticipating a second peak in COVID-19 patients

The south of Limburg Province is the area of Flanders that has been hardest hit by the novel coronavirus epidemic in our region. At the frontline has been the Sint-Truido Hospital in the town of Sint-Truiden. Up until now the hospital has treated a total of 360 patients with COVID-19. 90 patients at the hospital have died of the virus. 

The worst now appears to be behind us with the number of those being admitted to hospital with COVID-19 having fallen and the number of patients with the virus that are receiving care in Belgian hospitals having fallen considerably over the past few weeks.

This is also true at the Sint-Trudo hospital. The hospital’s communication manager Miet Driesen told VRT Radio 1’s morning news and current affairs programme ‘De ochtend’ that “At the peak we were admitting 20 corona patients a day, now this is just a couple a day."

Nevertheless, those at the hospital view the relaxation of the lockdown measures with trepidation. "We do of course understand why the measures are being relaxed. Everyone needs human contact.  But we are a little bit afraid and hope that people will be careful”, Ms Driesen said.

"Normally, most people now know how the virus is passed on and how they can prevent this. However, we anticipate there being a second peak. We just hope that it won’t be too high. There is fear”.

The hospital has already set aside a number of beds that can be used for COVID-19 patients if a second peak comes. 

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