Wolf Noëlla has become a mum

The female wolf that has been given the name Noëlla has had cub. A spokesman for the Flemish Environment Minister Zuhal Demir (nationalist) confirmed the news in a conversation with VRT News on Sunday evening. However, it is still unclear how many cubs have been born in the woods of Limburg Province. 

No one has yet seen the cubs, but foresters working for the Flemish Nature and Woodland Agency has spotted Noëlla without a round belly and this would point to her no longer being pregnant and having already having given birth.

The Environment Minister told journalists “We have seen her on camera images. She looked healthy, had food in her mouth and was on the way to her den”. 

Ms Demir says that she wants extra checks to be carried out to ensure that the wolf cubs can grow up in calm surroundings. Last year another female wolf Naya and her cubs are believed to have been shot in Limburg Province.

At the end of April it became apparent from images shot by nature cameras in woodland in Limburg Province that Noëlla was pregnant.

The father of the cubs is a male wolf August that has been in Limburg Province now for some time.

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