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Bredene nudist beach falls victim to corona

There will be no nude beach at Bredene next summer. The argument is that beach goers should have as much room as possible along the coastal strip to keep the corona virus at bay. 

Bredene Mayor Steve Vandenberghe (socialist) says every inch of his beaches will be needed to give tourists as much room as possible, with regards to social distancing rules. "It has been calculated that Bredene is the coastal municipality with the smallest beach recreation zone, behinf Nieuwpoort. That's why the nude beach will be turned into a "textile beach" this year. We want to create more space for all beach enthusiasts."

De Federation of Belgian Naturists understands the decision, but is still disappointed. President Koen Meulemans said that "this strip is just a few hundred meters wide. This won't make the difference to avoid crowded beaches." They had seen the decision coming, and hope the borders will be opened again by this summer, which would give them the opportunity to nudist beaches in the Netherlands. At the same time, there are also 10 other nudist sites across Belgium. 

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