An almost deserted beach in Ostend.

Second-home owner demands 50 euros per day in compensation

A second-home owner who has a place at the coast, has taken the Belgian government to court. He claims a compensation of 50 euros for each day that he can't go to his second home as long as the corona travel restrictions remain in place. The news was reported by De Tijd and has been confirmed to our news desk. 

The second-home owner has sent a bailiff to the cabinet of Interior Minister Pieter De Crem to deliver a subpoena. His lawyer, Stijn Verbist, says "second-home owners have had it. Their patience is finished. Everybody agrees that measures have to be taken. But these measures should be within the legal framework." 

At present, Belgian citizens are not allowed to travel within their own country, not even to go to their second home. Stijn Verbist claims that such a restriction does not match the legal framework in Belgium, as it limits the right to own a property. "Everyone has priorities: for one person, this will be to survive, for another to pay the bills, for yet another it will be the coulour of the nails. For my client, it is a second home." 

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