Blow for Royal Antwerp FC, Belgium's oldest football club

Antwerp FC has confirmed that coach Laszlo Bölöni will leave the club during the summer transfer window. 

Bölöni's departure is not a complete surprise: the manager had hinted that this may be his least season at the club, while the management has expressed doubts about whether he would be able to let the club take a new step forward, despite his successes. The club confirmed the news about his departure today.

Bölöni arrived at newly-promoted Antwerp in the summer of 2017, and kept the club in the top flight. Last season he steered 'the Great Old' to a fourth place, and this season Antwerp were set to take a new play-off 1 ticket. They also made it to the Cup Final against Club Brugge, but it is not sure whether this match can still be played at all. 

Earlier, Bölöni steered Standard to the league title in 2009. 

The Belgian Security Council has decided that no football games can take place before 1 August, but the official end of the league (which stranded at 29 days of play) still has to be confirmed by the Pro League, the association of professional football clubs in Belgium.  

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