Kayleigh Hermans

Limburg hairdresser plans to open at midnight on Sunday

On Wednesday the National Security Council announced that hairdressers and barbers will be allowed to open again from next Monday. It has been two months since we have able to go and get our hair cut and/or styled and the reopening of hairdressers is something that many of us have been looking forward to. One hairdresser in the Limburg municipality of Pelt doesn’t want to let her customers wait a second longer than they have to to get their hair done. 

Kayleigh Hermans will be opening up as soon as she legally can and will be receiving her first customer since the lockdown measures were introduced at midnight on Sunday.

She told VRT Radio 2 Limburg that “We’ll start at midnight and will carry on until 4am. I’ll then have a little sleep and will reopen at 10am and carry on until the evening”. Kayleigh Hermans’ night shift is fully booked. “There was a lot of demand. Men in particular that feel that their hair is too long want to get it cut already during the night. They are mainly people that work a night shift or work as caring professionals”.

The Limburg hairdresser is well-prepared to ensure that all runs smoothly and above all safely.

“We have allowed for a break between each customer so we can disinfect and keep everything clean. I’ve checked with the municipality and the small business federation to make sure that we can work at night and it isn’t a problem. We aren’t going to a special night rate”, Kayliegh laughed.

Not only is the night shift fully booked, Kayliegh Hermans says that her salon is all but fully booked for the next two weeks and there are just a couple of spaces left in her appointment book. 

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