Senate rejects Francophone green politician’s candidature for the Constitutional Court for a second time

The Belgian Senate has once again rejected the candidature of the former joint-leader of the Francophone green party Ecolo to become a judge at Belgium’s Constitutional Court. As when previous votes were held on Ms Khattabi’s candidature at a sitting of the Senate in January, she failed to gain the support of the required two-thirds of senators. 

The procedure to invite candidatures for the post will now be initiated for a third time. 58 senators took part in Friday’s votes. 19 of them either abstained or voted in a way that rendered their votes invalid. Ms Khattabi gained the support of 28 senators, while her party colleague Cécile Thibaut get 11 votes.

The Speaker of the Senate Sabine Laruelle then announced that the procedure to call for candidates for the vacant post of judge at the constitutional court would be initiated for a third time.

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