Flanders investing 2.2 billion in mobility and public works

The Flemish minister Lydia Peeters (Mobility and Public Works) has announced that 2.2 billion euros will be invested in infrastructure works.

"We need investments to keep our economy going after the corona crisis", Lydia Peeters (Flemish liberal) said. "This is why we will keep investing, 2.2 billion euros for 924 different projects. This will give our society and economy as a whole a boost. Everyone will benefit from this." 

There are various major investment projects, for which 550 million has been earmarked this year. 180 million will go to different works at the Brussels Orbital Road. The Oosterweel link around Antwerp will benefit from 165 million. Road safety also takes a central place; various projects - mainly at crossroads - can go ahead after 124 million has been earmarked. 

Cycling infrastructure (180 million euros) should also improve, while bridges, tunnels and embankments receive 160 million.

The Flemish ports can look forward to 520 million, public transport to 83.5 million.   

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