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Nicolas Maeterlinck

Zinneke Parade 2020: 'sound cloud' as an alternative

There will be no Zinneke Parade today, but an alternative version is being livestreamed this afternoon, a sound cloud which gives you a taste of the atmosphere, as you can hear typical sounds and voices from the parade

The event was cancelled for obvious reasons, as corona restrictions still apply. "But this will not stop the 1,500 participants, 167 partners and 173 artists to bring the Zinneke Parade 2020 to life." 

The typical Brussels event was celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Zinneke enthusiasts are invited to go online to get a taste of the event. "We can't meet in person, but we created an atmosphere of sound including voices, chants, sounds from the parade taken from the archives and other fragments sent to us by members of the public." 

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