Grandparents can take care of the grandchildren again

Grandparents under 65 years of age who are not nursing any (permanent) health problems, are allowed to take care of their grandchildren again, even under the present corona restrictions. This has been confirmed by the Flemish Welfare Minister Wouter Beke (christian democrat). 

Another condition is that the grandchildren belong to the chosen "bubble", as was communicated recently. To allow more social contacts, the National Crisis Centre allowed people to meet with four friends or family members, but only two bubbles of people living under the same roof can meet.  You cannot extend your contacts to three bubbles. 

However, there were doubts about grandparents taking care of toddlers, because it is hard to keep your distance when taking care of children. Virologists have confirmed that this is no problem: in this case social distancing rules cannot and should not be applied, as long other hygiene measures such as washing your hands are being respected. And, of course, the child should not be ill. 

Yves Stevens, one of the spokesmen of the Crisis Centre, said however that grandchildren should stay overnight with their grandparents.  

OKRA, the organisation representing those above 55 years of age, is happy with the green light, but finds the age limit a little bit absurd. They say the criteria should focus on someone's health, and not on age: "Imagine that you are happy to take care of your grandchild, but that you turn 65 next month. It would be strange."   

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