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Brussels Airlines job cuts: “Dreams of young people have been shattered”

Management and unions are meeting for a first time at Brussels Airlines today following the management’s announcement last week that a thousand jobs were at risk. It’s a first contact in a bid to draw up a package of social measures to accompany the redundancies. The German-owned Belgian flag carrier has been hit hard by the corona emergency.  The Lufthansa subsidiary says it hopes to keep three-quarters of staff on the payroll.  The airline also indicates that staff staying on at the company will probably have to take a pay cut at least for a while.

For the unions saving jobs is the main priority.

Anita Van Hoof of the socialist union: “I believe first and foremost we must try to save as many jobs as possible using retirement and early retirement, reductions in working hours, but also we must try to improve working conditions.”

Paul Buekenhout of the Christian union: “I’m no WhatsApp user, but we got so many messages over the weekend.  People have so many questions. People are worried.  Some people are angry.  They are looking to the future.  The dreams of young people have been shattered”.

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