Eagle owls nest in window box in centre of Flemish town

Jos Baart, a Dutch expat living in Geel (Antwerp Province), couldn’t believe his eyes when he discovered that a family of eagle owls (called ‘oehoes’ in Dutch) had built their nest in his window box. 

Believe it or not, but Jos lives in a flat on the third floor in the centre of town.   

In Belgium eagle owls are usually spotted in the Ardennes, where they nest in quarries. The bird is rarely seen in urban Flanders.  It is not a townie.

Eagle owls are among the largest birds in the owl family. Birds can grow up to 75cm and gain a wingspan of 190cm.

The three baby owls are getting bigger by the day.  “They are so relaxed.  They are not afraid.  This is like a movie that runs day and night. Amazing” Jos told Dutch media.

Jos was first alerted in February when he heard strange noises coming from his window box.  It was here that an eagle owl laid its eggs resulting in three chicks!

An environmentalist ringed the chicks last week.  They weigh between 1.3 and 1.7 kilos.

Jos likes to sit and watch the birds, while they in turn have taken to watching his TV!

Eagle owl chicks usually leave the nest at the age of four months.  Jos still has two months of company in Geel.

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