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New relaxation of corona measures from Monday

Measures to stem the spread of coronavirus are being eased yet again in Belgium as Phase 2 of the exit strategy kicks in.  It’s the first week back at school for many pupils, while hairdressers and museums reopen.

Following Friday’s successful general rehearsal it’s back to school for many, but not all Flemish children.  First, second and sixth years in primary school are back at their desks, while this is also the case for last years in secondary in general, technical and vocational schools.  Year seven in vocational schools is back too.

Others years are taught using distance learning, often online. Kindergarteners and their parents will need to be a little more patient too. The first week back will be evaluated on Friday.  More years could return if the corona figures develop favourably.

Pupils at school will have to observe social distancing and wash their hands.  Teachers and over 12s have been instructed to wear mouth coverings.

Sports activities in the open air involving up to 20 people are allowed.  Such sports activities must be organised by clubs and form part of regular training led by a coach. Social distancing must be observed.

Children up to 12 can take part in outdoor sports activities under supervision.

All sports competitions are banned till 31 July.

Starting this week you can once again visit your hairdresser or barber.  You must make an appointment and barber, hairdresser and client must all wear mouth coverings.

It’s D-Day for other contact professionals too: beauty specialists, pedicures, nail bars, tattoo and piercing shops can all reopen.  Private saunas, massage and wellness establishments remain closed.

Belgian markets are allowed once again.  In recent weeks only when there weren’t enough food shops in the neighbourhood were markets allowed.  New restrictions include no more than 50 stalls.  Mouth coverings are mandatory for market workers, highly recommended for shoppers.

Historic monuments, animal parks and museums reopen too.  Visitors should book online or by phone and follow new circulation plans at the venue.

The number of mourners at funerals is being upped from 15 to 30.  The same applies to guests at weddings.

Starting today Flemish seniors may once again receive a visitor at their care home.  Only one, designated visitor may drop by.  Hugs and kisses are not allowed.

Grandparents, who do not form part of groups at risk – this means they must be under 65 too! – may look after their grandchildren once again.

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