Brussels Airlines pilots willing to give up 45 percent of their wage to save jobs

Pilots working for Brussels Airlines have written an open letter with proposals to save their airline. Under a remarkable proposal, they anticipate to possible cuts by proposing to cut their own wages by almost half. 

The open letter, addressed to the management, the government and members of the public, has the support of the three main trades unions. 

Brussels Airlines is in dire straits due to the corona crisis. While there is no cash coming in, costs are continuing. It is said that the cash will be finished by the end of the month. Talks are going on with the German mother company Lufthansa and the Belgian government, as 1,000 jobs are threatened. Pilots don't want to wait for the outcome of the talks and are sounding the alarm: "Without the financial help from Lufthansa and the Belgian state, we have no chance to survive." 

Without the financial help from the Belgian state and Lufthansa, we have no chance to survive

After the restructuring, the airline could grow again as from 2023, experts think. But at present, it is possible that up to 300 employees are fired on the spot.

In order to save as many jobs as possible in these hard times, the pilots are now proposing to cut their own wages until 2023. Cockpit staff are willing to accept a 45 percent drop. This could keep more staff on board, which would also reduce redundancy benefits for a total of 22 million euros. The pilots calculated that their efforts could save up to 100 million by 2023. In this way, they hope that no pilots will be made redundant. 

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