Researchers at work in contact tracing centres.

Daily Covid-19 update: figures keep improving; good news about 'earliest signs'

58 patients were taken to hospitals yesterday, but the number of Covid patients in Belgians hospitals keeps going down, by almost 3 percent per day on average. At the same time, the so-called early indicators are also showing a positive trend. 

  • At present, 1,527 corona patients are staying in Belgian hospitals. The number peaked to about 6,000 about a month ago, and has now been reduced to almost a quarter. While 58 people were hospitalised, 160 were discharged from hospital yesterday. The average drop is about 3 percent each day, experts calculated.
  • 313 patients are still in intensive care. The average drop is about 4 percent.
  • 42 new deaths were reported, also confirming a downward trend. 20 people succumbed in hospital, another 20 in nursing homes. The total number of official deaths thus climbs to 9,150. 
  • There were 192 new infections. This number is also decreasing compared to previous days. Other figures that give the earliest signs about which way it is going - the number of people going to the doctor's with possible symptoms and the number of civil servants taking sick leave - is also down. 

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