Restrictions imposed on farmers as water levels are low

All Flemish provinces are imposing a ban on taking water from rivulets, brooks, ponds or small streams in vulnerable areas, due to the continuing drought. Restrictions for the consumption of tap water have not yet been announced, but these may come if the drought continues. 

Large parts of Belgium have not seen any decent rain since mid-March, except for a few days two weeks ago. Ground water levels are going down, and the situation is becoming difficult at an early stage, compared to the previous years when we had dry summers. Last year, the first restrictions had to be imposed in July, this time it is two months earlier. 

After Antwerp, the provinces of West and East Flanders have imposed restrictions on pumping up water from ditches and streams in vulnerable areas, a measure that will mostly apply to farmers. However, East Flanders allows different exceptions. Limburg and Flemish Brabant followed, for Limburg the ban applies to 80 percent of the territory. 

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