Support for the corona restrictions started to crumble in April, a new poll shows

As the corona virus is losing ground, the number of Belgians supporting the restrictions started to fall. This was revealed in "De Stemming", a poll carried out by the Brussels University VUB and its Antwerp counterpart (UAntwerpen) on behalf of VRT NWS and De Standaard. Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès is handling the crisis well, respondents say. 

The poll was held between 9 and 28 April and involved 2,040 respondents in the Flemish Region. Support began to fall around April, when the lockdown measures had been in place for a month. However, a major part of the population, yongsters included, was still behind the Covid-19 containment measures. The ban to receive no friends at home, was a difficult one especially for the young generation.

Is the government handling the crisis well? 35 percent says 'yes', while 33 to 36 percent is not really convinced, choosing the label 'not good, not bad'. 5 to 6 percent is 'very satisfied' with the approach, but 10 percent labels it it as 'very bad'. However, while opinion polls in Flanders mostly see a better score for Flemish policy makers than for their federal colleagues, there is hardly any difference now. 

PM Sophie Wilmès (Francophone liberal) enjoyed the most support, but is also losing ground.  

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