Covid-19 latest: slight increase in the number of new infections, but sharp drop in intensive care patients

Your daily update on Belgium's corona statistics: 71 new patients were taken to hospital yesterday, but 141 were discharged. The number of new infections is up on the day though.

  • The number of Covid patients in Belgian hospitals keeps diminishing: while 71 were taken to hospital, 141 could return home. This reduces the total number to 1,448
  • The number of patients in intensive care dropped by about 10 percent to dip below 300 (36 patients less, bringing the total to 277). 
  • 37 new deaths were reported (21 in hospitals, 16 in care homes). The number is 5 down on the day. The total number (confirmed and suspected cases) has reached 9,186 now. 
  • The novel corona virus hasn't gone yet: there were 252 new infections, compared to 192 yesterday. 

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