Firefighters save man from Grimbergen canal

Rescuers have managed to save one person from drowning near the Verbrande Brug in Grimbergen, after five youngsters had gone swimming. One person got hypothermia and almost drowned.

The youngsters jumped in the Sea Canal Brussel-Schelde - which is not allowed. One of them got in trouble around 8 PM, which caught the attention of local residents. "We heard them shouting and noticed there was panic", Axel and his daughter Karlijn say.

"We brought a rope in an attempt to pull him up the quay, but it didn't work. He had lost all his strength and had been in the cold water for 45 minutes. Luckily, firefighters arrived and managed to rescue him. This could have ended quite differently." 

At this time of year, the water in the canal is still very cold.  

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