"Good-quality and affordable internet connection for each Fleming"

The Flemish deputy PM Hilde Crevits (Christian democrat) has posted a video message for the occasion of Rerum Novarum, the annual holiday of the Christian Workers' Movement. 

Ms Crevits, who is responsible for Innovation (among other things) in the Flemish government, underlines the importance of digital literacy. "Those who can't follow, often end up in poverty.  We should not ignore this new type of illiteracy. The digital issue goes beyond generations, interests and cultures. We should not rest until each Flemish living room has a good and affordable internet connection", she said. 

Marc Leemans, president of the Christian Workers' Union (ACW) pressed for a wealth tax in his address. Those owning more than a million euros should pay a "solidarity tax" he said.

In order to avoid that too many jobs would get lost, we should think of a way to redistribute jobs, he added, and improve benefits to avoid that more people would end up in poverty.  Due to the corona restrictions, there were no traditional public speeches this year. 

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