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Shocking video shows violence against police officers in Anderlecht: "We need a zero-tolerance approach"

The police union VSOA has shared footage of brutal violence against police officers trying to arrest a suspect in Anderlecht. The union demands that the governments take strong measures and impose zero-tolerance. "These youngsters need a hard signal", the police union says.  

The footage was taken at the Bergensesteenweg on Wednesday evening. Two police officers are trying to arrest a suspect after reports of a stabbing. "The man that is being apprehended, committed a violent robbery in which a knife was used", a police spokesman explains. 

"Afterwards, we launched a complaint for the violence that was used against our people. The investigation is going on, detectives are trying to identify the assailants." One of the police inspectors sustained heavy injuries after a kick in the face: the man suffered a broken nose and a concussion.

We have had it with the passive attitude of the administrative authorities

On social media, the police union laments the attitude of some (Brussels) ministers. "Some of them have minimised violence by youngsters, or asked for 'understanding' because some don't have a garden", says Vincent Houssin of the VSOA. "Imagine that each citizen that doesn't have a garden would commit violence." 

Houssin demands that the local government(s) send a clear signal by taking this case very seriously. "We are sick of the passive attitude of the administrative authorities, and so are local inhabtitants. We see that Ghent has a harder approach with zero-tolerance." Mr Houssin hopes a clear signal of zero tolerance will be sent, because a shock therapy is needed.  

The Flemish minister for Brussels Benjamin Dalle reacted by saying "Violence against the police is a no-go. The assailants should receive a harsh punishment."

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