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Latest Covid-19 figures remain positive: fewer deaths, fewer patients in hospital

Over the past 24 hours, only 56 patients were taken to hospital. The number of new infections was slightly up. 

  • While 56 new Covid-19 patients ended up in hospital (this number is 15 down on the day), 71 were allowed to return home. The total number of patients in Belgian hospitals has dropped to 1,415. 
  • 268 patients are receiving intensive care. This number is 9 down on the day. 
  • 26 deaths were reported yesterday (14 in hospitals, 12 in nursing homes). Yesterday, the number of deaths was 37.  The total number of Covid victims in Belgium has climbed to 9,212. Note that about half of these took place in nursing homes, where only 24 percent of the deaths were confirmed as Covid-19 deaths. 
  • The number of new infections shows a slight increase: 276 have been reported this time, which is 24 up on the day. 

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