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Mysterious bangs and light flash in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

Local police in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (in Flemish Brabant, south-west of Brussels) received various calls after people heard loud bangs and noticed a big light flash, late on Wednesday. It remains a mystery what it could have been.

There were two very loud bangs. One of them was accompanied by a light flash. Police received various phone calls, but have no clue yet what it could have been, says police chief Steven De Rycke: "Close to midnight, we received calls from the area of Negenmanneke and Coloma castle. The bangs were very loud, so many people heard it. On CCTV footage we did spot two dark cars, driving past slowly in order to accelerate later on. But we are not sure they have anything to do with it." 

Pepingen, a neighbouring town, was the scene of a similar incident on 11 April. A local weatherman claimed a meteor had struck in the area on that occasion. 

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