When can we travel abroad again?

The Belgian Foreign Minister Philippe Goffin hopes we will be free to travel again around mid-June. He is working towards that date and hopes for the green light of the National Security Council by then. At present, crossing the border is only possible under strict conditions.

Philippe Goffin told our Francophone colleagues of the RTBF that Belgians should be able to travel abroad again around mid-June, but probably only to certain countries in Europe in a first phase. 

Around mid-March, many European internal borders were closed, including the Belgian one, due to Covid-19. However, certain countries have announced they would reopen their borders soon, like Italy, which will be happy to receive all Schengen area tourists as from 3 June. Other countries will only open their borders to certain other neighbouring countries in a first phase. However, at present, the Belgian borders remain closed.  

"We will first see whether there will be a new wave of corona infections in Belgium, but I hope we Belgians can go abroad again by mid-June. Of course, we will also have to see what other countries are doing. But we see that they have started to relax restriction measures too. I think we will have a clearer picture early June." 

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