Will we soon be cutting all viruses out of our bodies?

The technology is already there.  Thanks to CRISPR we can modify our DNA. But is this the solution for all our diseases?  Or will it simply create more problems? In this video we explain how CRISPR works.

On 26 November 2018 a video appeared on YouTube in which the Chinese scientist He Jiankui explains that he has just been involved in the birth of the first babies in the world whose genes have been altered.  Using the CRISPR-technique Jiankui modified their DNA, the building blocks of their later bodies.  This is how he made them immune to the HIV virus.  But did he succeed? And can we also make ourselves immune to other viruses like coronavirus?

Together with molecular biologist Hetty Helsmoortel, the author of the book 'De geknipte genen' (Cut Genes) all about the revolutionary CRISPR-technique, we go in search of the answers to these questions.

Video produced by VRT NWS Creative. Subtitled in English.  If the English subtitles don't appear automatically use the cog symbol bottom right to select them.

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