MIVB looks into testing staff after driver dies in his sleep

The Brussels public transport company MIVB is to look into the possibility of testing staff that wish to be tested for the novel coronavirus. The decision has come after one of the company’s bus drivers died in his sleep just a few days after having tested positive for the virus. 

Despite having tested positive, the driver initially showed few symptoms of the novel coronavirus and he was not hospitalised. However, on Sunday night the 55-year-old died in his sleep. Although it is known that he had contracted the novel coronavirus it has yet to be confirmed whether his death was caused by COVID-19.  

MIVB’s spokeswoman An Van hamme told VRT Radio 2 Flemish Brabant that "In the first instance our thoughts are with his family, those that were close to him and his colleagues”.

"We are now examining the possibility of testing staff that wish to be tested for COVID-19. Earlier this month bus drivers staged a protest. They came together at the depots. To be absolutely certain that no one became infected then we would like, if we can, to test the drivers. It would be a precautionary measure and a way of reassuring people”, Ms Van hamme added. 

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