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VUB students will sit their exams in a museum and a congress centre

Next Monday 1 June students at Brussels Dutch-medium Free University will start sitting their second semester exams. However, this semester they won’t be sitting their exams on campus. Social distancing has meant that the university has had to find locations that offer enough space to ensure that students can sit their exams safely. 

Fortunately a city like Brussels has a number of spacious and equally importantly quiet locations where students will be able to take their exams in a serene and safe environment.

The university has teamed up with museums and congress centre such as the Square Congress Centre on the Kunstberg in Central Brussels and the Royal Museum of Art and History in the Jubel Park, near to Brussels’ European District.

VUB’s Vice-Rector Jan Danckaert told VRT News that "It certainly won’t be a normal examination period, but we are doing all we can to ensure that the exams can be held as smoothly and safely as possible. We absolutely want to avoid student’s having to prolong their studies due to the corona crisis”

Meanwhile, student at the KU Leuven’s Brussels Campus and the Odisee College of Higher Education will be sitting their exams in the Ancienne Belgique concert hall in the heart of Brussels City Centre.

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