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“Don’t use hydroxychloroquine”

The Belgian health and science institute Sciensano is strongly advising against the use of hydroxychloroquine, the malaria drug championed by Donald Trump as a means of warding of COVID-19. 

The recommendation is based on recent observational findings regarding the use of the drug by corona patients.  These findings consistently show that the drug’s use doesn’t offer any advantages and may be detrimental. A new Sciensano guideline no longer recommends the use of the drug in Belgium.

The Federal Medicines Agency FAGG has recorded eight cases of side effects suspected of being caused by the drug across Belgium.  In three cases the heart was affected, but the patients survived. The agency repeated its warning against risks of arrhythmia linked to the use of hydroxychloroquine last Monday. The warning came days after the UK medical journal The Lancet published reports of cardiovascular side effects caused by the drug. The WHO has also halted clinical tests of the drug. 

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