“This terror must stop. We are at our wits end.”

Jean Van Landeghem from Turnhout (Antwerp Province) is sounding the alarm.  For years now pizzas he hasn’t ordered have been turning up at his premises. He doesn’t know who is behind this mischief or why he is being targeted in this particularly untasteful way.

Dozens of pizzas ending up on your doorstep may have you mouth-watering, but for long-suffering Jean this has turned into a nightmare.

“It happened again last weekend” the Turnhouter told VRT Radio 2 Antwerp. “The record was set one evening last year when a pizza deliveryman appeared at my door no fewer than 14 times.  We hadn’t ordered a thing, let alone any Italian fast food.  It started at half nine and lasted until 2AM.  This has been going on for years and must stop.”

“When evening approaches I start to tremble.  The sound of a moped puts me on edge.  I’m not getting a wink of sleep.  I now have a heart condition.”

Jean is at a loss to know who is behind this harassment and why.  He always sends the pizzas back!

“We’ve complained to the police on several occasions and have taken the matter up with the online platform Takeaway.com, but all to no avail.  The orders are always made using new email addresses! We are at our wits end.”

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